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A stainless steel bag filter is a type of filter that is used to remove contaminants from liquids. The filter is made of a porous material that allows liquids to pass through while trapping contaminants.

A stainless steel bag filter is a type of filter that is used to remove contaminants from liquids. The filter is made of a porous material that allows liquids to pass through while trapping contaminants. Bag filters are commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing.

The industrial process of filtration is integral to many manufacturing industries. Bag filters are one type of filter used in this process, and they come in a variety of materials. Stainless steel is one such material, and it has many advantages as a bag filter material. Some of these advantages include its high strength, resistance to corrosion, and ability to withstand high temperatures.

A new type of bag filter has been developed that is made of stainless steel. This bag filter is designed to be used in areas where there is a risk of fire. The stainless steel bag filter is made of a material that is not flammable and is able to withstand high temperatures. This bag filter can be used in many different industries, such as the food industry, where there is a risk of fire.

The Ultratec Water Treatment Company Uae Stainless Steel Bag Filter is a great product for those who are looking for an effective way to filter their water. The bag is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable and able to withstand high temperatures. The bag has a mesh screen that is designed to remove impurities from the water, making it safer to drink. The bag is also easy to clean and can be reused multiple times. The Stainless Steel Bag Filter is a great choice for those who want to have safe, clean water to drink.

Benefits Of Stainless Steel Bag Filter

Bag filters are one of the most versatile and commonly used types of air filters. They can be made of a variety of materials, but stainless steel is one of the most popular options. Stainless steel bag filters have many advantages, including durability, corrosion resistance, and fire resistance. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Customers benefit from using stainless steel bag filters because they can be confident that the filter will last for many years and continue to perform at a high level.

Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges

Ultratec Stainless steel cartridges are designed to beat the temperature and chemical compatibility limitations of cloth or man-made fiber media. this may offer very high-temperature resistance & can even withstand high differential pressure. chrome steel cartridges are offered in SS 304, SS 316, & SS 316 L materials. These elements are often either plain cylindrical or in pleated configuration to extend the filtration area. Usually, all chrome steel pleated & cylindrical filters are supported with coarser filter media to make sure no direct damage is inflicted to the main filtering media under process upsets. A bubble point test is often done to certify that no opening larger than the required pore size exists in product joints or seams. No media migration occurs thanks to chrome steel material. These elements are often back washed & reused.

Stainless steel bag filter housing for industrial filtration

The KBF chrome steel bag filter housing is our convenient and economical filtration solution designed to satisfy the requirements of a good range of industries: water, chemical & polymers, food & beverages, cosmetics, etc., offering the likelihood to use a good sort of filter bags to suit many industrial filtration applications.

K2TEC designed the KBF filter vessel in chrome steel for the filtration of commercial liquids starting from 1 up to 5000 cps. The KBF filter may be a versatile, reliable, and cost-effective solution.

The main advantages of the bag filter housings are its big choice of filter bags with progressive filtration ratings from 0.5 to 2000 microns and a flow starting from 1 to 180 m3/h. Convenient and sturdy, this filter is very appreciated in many various fields.

This filter vessel is often adapted for multiple applications like paint filtration, process water treatment, and as a security filter for drilling and pumping waters. it’s ideal in multiple industries: agri-food, cosmetics, or fine chemicals, that we provide an electro-polished or mirror finish with no retention zone.

Type Of Filters

Stainless steel wire mesh type
Stainless steel sintered metal powder type
Stainless steel random fiber / sintered metal fiber type
Stainless steel multi-layered wire mesh
Type Of Filter Design
Plain cylindrical design
Pleated configuration design
Welded design

● Flange in/outlet available
● Housing Material: SS304, or SS316 on request.
● Working Temperature: 75°C
● Working Pressure: 100psi (7kg/cm2)
● Filter bag: Non-woven fabric


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