Package Treatment Systems

Introducing the Package Treatment Systems: The Revolutionary Home Water Treatment System

A Package treatment systems plant is a completely self-contained system for sewage treatment, Our package wastewater treatment systems are designed according to the sequential batch.

Ultra Tec Water Treatment LLC Package Treatment Plants. The Package Sewage Treatment Plants are designed to convert flows of 3,000 to 250,000 gallons per day into clear. Packaged wastewater treatment systems are highly customizable to fit the varying needs of facilities.


What is Package Treatment Systems?

A Packaged treatment systems employ membrane technology, Porous Matrix Membrane Technology (PMT), to separate water from raw sewage by rapidly rotating a series of pipes in the wet sewage treatment process. This separation is achieved by exposing the solid materials in the sewer (caked solids) to a mixture of chemical disinfectant and ultraviolet (UV) light. The raw sewage (containing the liquid effluent from the point of the raw sewage treatment) is passed through the treated water leaving an inert mass of solids, water, and residual disinfectant. The system requires minimal modification of the existing sewage line and can be completely installed in one day. To help existing treatment plants meet a more stringent permit, the system also requires minimal and cost-effective alterations to a system.

What is the Process of a Package Treatment System?

Whether your goal is to start with complete raw sewage or to stop sewage from leaving the plant, a package treatment system is the only solution. Packaged water treatment systems have advanced treatment components and processes and can be customized to fit the needs of customers in as little as one day. The system needs to be maintained regularly and can require replacing pumps, filters, and valves. Why Is Package Treatment Different from Raw Water? Pure treated water is important to the quality of life, but the raw sewage produced by sewage plants must be treated separately. While package treatment systems are capable of supplying fresh water and/or drinking water, they must be protected against contamination before they can be used. What are the Benefits of a Package Treatment System?

What are the Benefits of Package Treatment Systems?

Streamlined treatment and recycling process Minimize the construction and/or maintenance costs Reduce or eliminate the need for odor control measures in and around your facility Reduce or eliminate the need to dispose of wastewater in the ocean or a landfill Reduce or eliminate the need to discharge stormwater into the sewer system since the system collects and treats wastewater on-site Reduce the need for routine tank cleaning Reduce the need to truck water to the treatment plant Does Package Treatment Systems work well with all types of water? All-in-One package treatment plants are designed for use with all types of raw sewage.

What are the Different Types of Package Treatment Systems?

1) Bulk Package If a facility has 10,000 gallons per day (GPD) of wastewater discharge, then a bulk package treatment systems plant is what you need. A bulk package plant has a blend of high-performance activated carbon and chlorine, along with several other treatment chemicals in it.

2) Self-Adjusting Tank If your plant produces less than 10,000 GPD of wastewater, then a self-adjusting tank would be suitable for your needs. This tank doesn’t have much volume so it is easy to adjust the level of chlorine in it by turning valves on and off. It also has a high capacity of 64 gallons per minute.

3) System in a Tank If your plant produces 25,000 GPD of wastewater then you would need a system in a tank.

How to Buy a Package Treatment System?

Interfaces like these enable a significant reduction in water treatment system footprint. Click To Tweet Types of Packages There are two types of package treatment systems in the market – piping systems and aboveground plants. The packaging type of system is often measured in MLWT. There are three major package treatment plant types in the market.

1. Polypipe pipe Polypipe has achieved almost 30 years of successful manufacturing. It is widely used in packaged sewer treatment systems. The system’s main advantage is that it has many pipes, which is more than double the number of pipes that the other package treatment systems.

2. The Polypipe package treatment systems has also been voted as one of the most sought-after units in the industry.


More and more people are recognizing the many benefits of synthetic organic chemists through their right to the natural elements of water. Our package treatment systems offers an easy and clean way to eliminate most of the water contaminants to have a beneficial effect to improve the taste, odors, taste, and odor of the treated water.” — Syed Habib, CEO and founder of Ultra Tec Water Treatment LLC Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

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