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A dosing pumps are a type of positive displacement pump that is used to pump a precise volume of liquid. This can be done by either setting the volume on the pump or by setting a flow rate

A dosing pumps are a type of positive displacement pump that is used to pump a precise volume of liquid. This can be done by either setting the volume on the pump or by setting a flow rate and letting the pump run for a set amount of time. Dosing pumps are often used in applications where a small, precise amount of liquid needs to be added to a larger volume of liquid. They are also used in situations where the liquid being added is hazardous or needs to be handled with care. Some advantages of using a dosing pump include being able to add liquids slowly and safely, being able to add them to hard-to-reach places, and being able to add them without opening or disturbing the system.

Advantages of dosing pumps

A dosing pump is a type of positive displacement pump that is used to pump a precise volume of liquid. They are often used in applications where a very precise and accurate flow rate is required, such as in medical or chemical dosing. Dosing pumps can be either manual or automated and can be used to pump a variety of different liquids.

Some features of dosing pumps include being able to set and control the flow rate, being able to accurately deliver small volumes of liquid, and being able to run for long periods of time without needing to be refilled. Dosing pumps also have a number of advantages over other types of pumps, such as being less likely to cause contamination and being more accurate.

A dosing pump, which is a positive displacement pump, is designed to inject a chemical or another substance into a flow of water, gas, or steam. Dosing pumps are the pulsing heart of metering systems and water treatment plants. EMEC dosing systems provide the highest level of reliability and quality.

Chemical Dosing Pumps
Chemical dosing pumps are compact, positive displacement pumps that are designed to pump a particularly accurate flow of chemicals or other substances into a water or gas stream.

These dosing pumps work by taking a particular amount of liquid into the chamber and inserting the chemical into pipes or tanks that harbor the fluid that’s being dosed. The pump is energized mainly by electric motors or an aeration actuating element and utilizes a controller that navigates the pumps (controls flow rate) and switches the facility on and off. to find out more about the various sorts of chemical dosing pumps available within our stock, inspect our selection down below.

High-Pressure Dosing Pumps
Precise dosing within the laboratory and in production

Ultra Tec dosing pumps are highly accurate two-piston pumps for applications within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and also for research and method development. The pump and dose aqueous and organic liquids, aggressive media, or liquid gases. The metering pumps impress with their high chemical resistance, excellent flow precision, and low pulsation of the pumped medium during a wide selection of applications:

Flow rates from 10 ml/min to 1,000 ml/min
high range up to 650 bar
Wide temperature range from -10 °C to 120 °C
Viscous liquids up to 1,000 mPa-s

Ultra Tec dosing pumps are often used for a good range of dosing applications. Standalone operation with display and buttons is quick and straightforward. With the various remote options, these pumps are often integrated into virtually any process environment.

Thanks to the integrated RFID technology, pump heads are exchangeable for minimum downtime of your dosing solution while maintaining maximal flexibility with regard to flow and pressure range.

Get to understand our versatile, powerful, and precise dosing pumps. Fill out this type together with your required parameters and we will revisit you with a pump recommendation.

Range of applications of a dosing pump
The leak-free variants, i.e. hermetically sealed diaphragm pumps, enormously expand the range of application of the oscillating positive displacement pumps so that the fluids can have the subsequent properties:

abrasive (suspensions with SiO2, Al2O3, catalysts, abrasive pastes)
explosive (hydrogen, silanes)
extreme purity (antibiotics)
high vapor pressure (liquefied gases)
corrosive (HCl, HF, HNO3)
radioactive (plutonium / uranium salt solutions)
reactive (water glass, sodium, aluminum alkyl)
bad lubricating (liquid gases)
sterile (lecithin, vegetable oils, dairy products)
toxic (chlorine, bromine)
valuable (spice extracts, volatile oils)


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