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how does RO plant water treatment in Dubai work?


RO Plant Water Treatment in Dubai is essential for every person living in Dubai. This is due to the increasing population and the lack of clean and tasty water in the UAE. The water that comes from underground pipes to our taps can be contaminated and can directly affect our health and well-being. So, reverse osmosis plant for home is a must to keep yourself as well as your entire loved ones fit and healthy. This work can’t be done by yourself so you have to hire a professional to install it. Don’t worry, we Ultra Tec Water Treatment LLC Company here with our talented team to help you and guide you on which RO is best per your needs.

RO plant water treatment Process in Dubai

The Reverse osmosis plant in Dubai process eliminates unnecessary elements (salts) from a mixture. RO plant water treatment is also used for cleaning water by removing hardness, germs, salts, and contaminants to enhance the color, odor, and taste.

RO water treatment plant has a progressive technology called “Crossflow” that lets a partly selectively permeable RO membrane wash on its own constantly. As the waters move from the membrane, sweeping the disallowed bacteria away from it. RO plant water treatment process needs an HPP (high-pressure pump) to drive the liquid from the membrane with high-level pressure and enormous pushing force. For Brackish water, about 10 to 20 bar is applied as an osmotic pressure to remove saltwater from the solution and get good water as a final result.

As concentrated salts (fluid) rejection increases, so does the pushing osmotic force. A Reverse Osmosis water system practice helps eliminate sugar, microorganisms, salts, proteins, elements, colors, and other components. Parting of ions with RO water filtration is supported by stimulating elements. It means that liquefied ions that move elements, such as salts, have more chances of getting prohibited by the membrane. The bigger the elements and the particle, the higher the chances of getting it rejected.

Water Treatment Plant Designs

Pre-chlorination: This does the work of cleaning the raw water from any contaminants.

First Filtration: forces are applied to pressure Sand filters to eliminate Turbidity and Suspended objects.

De-chlorination dosing: It helps eliminate the existing Chlorine after the pressure sand filter.

Antiscalent dosing: It is vital to avoid Calcium Sulfate from mounting.

Acid dosing: It is significant to stop calcium carbonate from mounting by Sulfuric acid 98%.

Second filtration: It is by the cartridge filter (5micron) is essential to eliminate any elements that go beyond 5 microns.

Drinking water High TDS untreated water will move through the selectively permeable membrane under the high-level pressure after increasing with high pressure (Osmotic Pressure) around 12 – 16 bars, the membrane resulting in water will be treated and decreased to the mandatory TDS.

Regulating PH level by Sodium hydroxide 49%

Post chlorination treating for decontamination by Sodium hydrochloride 12%.

What is Commercial RO Plant water treatment in Dubai?

A Commercial RO Plant in Dubai is a water decontamination process that works by Reverse Osmosis system(RO) for the elimination of pollutants from water. A Commercial RO treatment benefits in eradicating melted impurities and dangerous chemicals and produces fresh and tasty water. Commercial RO Processes are specifically planned for creating water at a big scale, safe for drinking and to decrease the threat of water-borne infection. A Commercial RO Plant has many filtration phases. A Commercial RO process has a selectively permeable membrane, which is also the core of the RO Process, to remove the pollutants.

How does a Commercial RO Plant water treatment work?

A Commercial RO Plant or any RO water Plant acts on the theory of Reverse Osmosis. In RO or Reverse Osmosis softened objects existing in water are eradicated through this process. The untreated water below high pressure is pushed through a selectively permeable membrane, where pollutants are detached from the water, leaving away fresh clean water. Commercial RO plants also have pre-filters and post-filters for pre and post-treatment of toxins in water.

Significance of Commercial RO plant

Commercial RO Plants for fresh and healthy feeding water are very useful. Consuming a Commercial Reverse Osmosis plant in Dubai water will provide significance in the following methods:

  • There is no requirement to pay hefty money for getting clean and pure drinking water.
  • It’s a stress-free installation and offers the comfort of dealing with any fault alone.
  • It eliminates the micro-organisms from the water producing it tasty and fresh to sip.

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Good For Offering Plants?

Totally yes, reverse osmosis water is considered best for plants – particularly delicate plants – since it doesn’t hold any toxins that could delay plant development and offers you total command over the nutrients and minerals that you give to your plant.

You might have learned that soft water (created by a water softener) is not worthy of spraying plants. However, RO plant water treatment in Dubai is healthier than soft water since softened water can exploit plant development by accumulating too much salt in the soil. RO-filtered water is salt-free, so it doesn’t nourish your plant with any excessive contaminants.

Potential Benefits of RO Water For Plants

 Here are a few of the benefits of utilizing water from a reverse osmosis plant, instead of regular valve water, to spray your plants:

  1. Offers You More Control: You may need to nourish your plants with fertilizer and plant nutrition from time to time to inspire healthy development.

This is stress-freer to do when you identify correctly what your water holds, as you know that the osmosis plant in Dubai water is free from all kinds of harmful minerals and salts.

You have total command over the nutrition and toxins that are soaked up by your plants.

  1. Free From Toxic Pollutants: The main advantage of using reverse osmosis water for plants is that RO water is free from all potentially dangerous toxins that are found in detected amounts in sipping water, such as chlorine, herbicides, and heavy metals.

Spraying clean RO-filtered water on your plants means you won’t unintentionally harm or destroy your plants because of the troubles in the roots or leaves.

  1. May enhance Plant Development: Another correlated benefit of utilizing reverse osmosis water for plant spraying is that this water doesn’t hold any liquefied pollutants that may end up in your soil and exploit plant development.

So, your plants must progress more rapidly and healthily when nourished with water from an RO filter compared to regular valve water.

  1.  Protects You From Contaminants: If you water your home-based fruits and vegetables with valve water, the detected amounts of chemicals, metals, and other pollutants discovered in your water will build up inside your food.

The majority of people would rather not take even low levels of hazardous pollutants, and spraying RO water for your plants eradicates this threat as your plants are only getting pure and fresh water.


Ro plant water treatment is best for humans as well as plants. RO filter water removes all the harmful contaminants and chemicals and serves us with clean, fresh, and tasty water. if you are living in Dubai and want to install RO plant water treatment for your home or commercial then book professional services. Ultra Tec Water Treatment LLC company is a Dubai-based company that offers all kinds of RO plant installation, maintenance, and repair services at reasonable rates. 

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